Pills for Penis Enhancement

There are many pills for penis enhancement advertised in adult magazines, on television and more prevalently, online. A recent pill which is fairly new on the market is known as Vimax and only sells though the original company or agents on various websites and through “spam” e-mail companies.

There are many people who have an interest in products like this. The affectivity of these pills have been called into question though, and with good reason. Many of the producers of pills for penis enhancement are not accredited pharmaceutical companies. There are very few products like this that even pretend to have run proper clinical tests.

There are several reasons that, despite the obvious lack of proof, they continue to make a booming trade. In the first place, the pills themselves always come with the large-print warning that “results may vary”. This means that if a user of the pill has not seen any kind of growth or change at all, he has no legal or reasonable recourse.

The second factor that these companies depend on is based on a very human reaction to all things personal. Even if a large quantity of users of pills for penis enhancement discovered that there has been absolutely no result, they would be too embarrassed to admit it. They would therefore, rather desist in purchasing the product than launch a full-on legal investigation.

Throughout history elixirs and potions of this nature have been sold at great cost to hopeful men. There has unfortunately never been any proof of a specific ingredient that might do the job properly. There are various reasons for this, the main one being that clearly, there isn’t one.

Clinical testing over a number of years has shown that slow muscle growth in children can be aided by using synthetically produced substances such as HGH. Athletes too have found this a good replacement for anabolic steroids. The sad fact is that neither has proven particularly useful in lengthening the penis any more than a few millimetres at most.

What then are the options? Men who feel that they are lacking in the genital department are unlikely to give in to their lot, and yet, it makes them prime targets for people who will take advantage of them. There are certain methods that have proven to work. They are not particularly pleasant, but have a proven track record of success.

None of them are pills though. The practice of “milking” involves a daily “pulling” exercise and has proven effective in lengthening the penis. This does take time though and often, people want quick results.

The fastest and best recorded way is surgery. For many years now plastic surgeons have been perfecting the procedure. In fact, the art of recreating an entire penis has become a stock in trade for those providing sex-change operations.

It is important however to note that the surgery itself can be extremely painful and traumatic and does not always work. It is commonly accepted that surgery should only be considered in the event of serious cases. It should also be noted that the price of such an operation generally matches most top Italian sports cars. Some just buy the car.

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