Male Sexual Health

There is a great body of work regarding the study of both the physiological and psychological aspects of male sexual health. For one thing, there are various myths that exist. These myths are broadly believed and written about by both men and women. This forces men to try and live up to unrealistic stereotypes and eventually believe the myths themselves.

The age of sexual awareness and awaking happens for men at least two years before women. Where most girls only begin to question the aspects of sexuality in themselves at around 13 years of age, or puberty, boys are contemplating these issues as early as 11.

There have been many theories as to why this may be. The myth is that men are more highly sexed than women. A more realistic idea comes down to the physical build of men. The sexual organs of men exist primarily outside of the body. From a young age men are aware of their penises and grow quite attached to them.

Women on the other hand, are far more compactly built, with virtually all of their sexual organs inside the body, or invisibly tucked away between their legs. Boys also experience natural phenomena such as wet dreams. This is a physical manifestation of something girls do not experience at all.

Another great social myth is that men are “colder” or less emotional about sex than women are, or that men “need” sex more than women do. Hundreds of studies over many decades have long disproved both facts. Men experience just as much emotional satisfaction from sex that women do and they do not “need” sex.

It cannot be disputed that men want it though. In addition, various studies have shown that men who are regularly sexually active in an emotionally satisfying, monogamous relationship are less aggressive, more focused and generally more emotionally secure than men who aren’t. There are no simple answers to the complex questions around the male ego and how it ties into male sexual health.

It is clear that with both sexes, a healthy, untainted view of sex from an appropriate age paves the way for healthy adult sexuality. It has also been well established that although men find the link between love and sex significantly more important than women do, men are capable of a loving relationships in the absence of sex.

For many young boys, the attitudes of their peers form the basis for many of their misconceptions about sexuality. As they grow into adulthood, many of these beliefs are rectified. Some however, cannot so easily be removed. The firm belief that being a prominent and virile lover is something that has been embedded in the male social system for thousands of years and is unlikely to change any time soon.

For this reason, for the moment at least, being a competent lover will remain at the forefront of male sexual health. As a result of ongoing myths, those who experience physical sexual problems will always require psychological help as well as physical treatment.

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