How to get a firmer erection

We all know how private you are when it comes to your member. We all know how uncomfortable you could actually get when concerning your penis. But, first, let me tell you something: when it comes to sex, the size doesn’t matter.

Interestingly enough, a woman’s vagina could accommodate virtually any size possible. Thanks to its flexibility and elasticity, when stimulated, the vagina could actually stretch to up to 4 inches in size. So when it comes to size, a man doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

But when it comes to erection, women are really concerned on why their partner’s not getting any harder. For us, having our guy getting really weak erection could either mean that we are not beautiful or good enough to get you stimulated and could really get going.

The question on how to get a firmer erection could actually border on us being not good enough or that you are really needed to consciously do something about it. If we eliminate our theory that we are not beautiful enough for you to really get a hard on (as you always say), then we are left with your quest on how to get a firmer erection.

First, weak erections should be differentiated and even distinctly discussed from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). With weak erections, a man is still very much capable of getting fulfilling sack sessions. Though physicians would advise most men having weak erections to not practically worry about this condition, having to see their partner not really having a full and firm erections could really upset women.

And being able to see a woman offended is enough for men to strive for improvements. Though most men could actually get a firmer hard erection on using ‘erection rings’, or ‘cock rings’, some would really need to work on an increased blood flow to their penis.

Erection rings are used primarily to contain the blood in the penis in order to maintain, well, its erection. However, these rings are only known to be effective when a man had achieved a full erection. If not, then, you really have to work you’re way out from an insufficient blood flow.

One of the known methods that are recommended to most men is the regular intake of herb-based pills that would introduce an actual increased blood flow towards the penis. Getting a firmer and really full erection requires regular herb-based supplements that are not known not to produce and effect any kind of rather harmful consequence.

Though most men would immediately run into Viagra for answers, these types of pills are actually known to have some harmful side effects. Thus, most health and sexual medication experts would recommend natural and herb-based pills on questions concerning how to get a firmer erection.

In purchasing these pills, it is recommended that men (or, even women) would check on the active content or ingredient that these pills would boast of. In order to work, these pills must have ginseng, pauma, catuaba, hawthorn, and gingko biloba. One of the best things that these pills could claim is that they are able to provide a thicker, full, and firmer erection without the side effects.

Though most, if not all, of these herb-based supplements designed to achieve a fuller erection are forthright about the temporary nature of their effect, most sexual medications expert advice most men to combine these pills with PC muscle exercise and even a traction device in order to make the effect more permanent.

In addition, health experts recommend consumers to check whether or not the pill contains Yohimbe, a known ingredient that is known to create harmful effects with the cardiovascular system.

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