How to Enlarge your Penis

There are hundreds of products, e-books and resources online that purport to be able to give people the secret to this oft asked question, how to enlarge your penis. Although the subject is not one that people freely talk about or share with one another over the dinner table, it certainly is a point of concern for those who feel it necessary. How to enlarge your penis is not the only question that should be asked though. The main question is why.

In ancient Greek times it is clear from the statues of the gods and famous warriors (who were always naked) that large penises were not popular. It is believed that at the time, the educated of the Greeks believed that a large penis was a vulgar thing, and therefore did not interpret their heroes with overly large genitals.

Similarly, the Egyptians at around the same time clearly show a similar distaste in the literature which has survived from that era. It was only at the time of the rise of the Roman Empire, some 50 years BC that the common belief of penis size being connected to virility began to take hold.

From paintings and murals of the time it was clear though that even at that point, large penises were considered a strange and interesting freak-like attraction, belonging to Moors and Persians. From this point on, and into the dark ages, the Christian era and Romanesque artwork, does not give much of a clue on what the masses thought about the subject.

Sculptures and paintings by greats like Michelangelo however point to the fact that large penises belonged to demons and monsters. Presumably the general opinion was that big genitals were not a particularly righteous thing to have.

Proper medical information and research on subjects such as how to enlarge your penis really only came to the fore in the last 200 years. It can only be assumed that at some point in this timeframe, large penises finally became popular. Certain jokes and comments in plays such as those by William Shakespeare also point to the fact that this was an opinion that the working classes had held for some time.

In the early 20th century, with Freud’s groundbreaking work in the field of psychology and his questionable links to that of human sexuality, the subject was finally undressed and examined. Books from as early as the 1930’s provide extensive daily exercises for lengthening and increasing the strength of the penis…

Today, the digital era has provided plenty of proof of the popularity of large male genitalia and an endless amount of products and advice. Pills like Vimax pills, lengthening apparatus and hormone therapies abound. A popular practice at the moment is a daily “pulling” exercise known as “milking”.

For all intents and purposes, although several of these methods work (the “milking” process seems like an obvious winner given enough time), it is important to remember that for the most part, women in general are not that obsessed with the subject.

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